Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So I feel like I was supposed to update my Facebook status about how I am home in New Jersey now, but I know that I don't really care when everyone else updates their whereabouts on Facebook so I am refraining. But I feel like I should somehow let the apathetic internet world know that I am, in fact, home in New Jersey. So:

Dana Laustsen
"is home, sweet Jersey!"

Status updated. I also can't update my status because it says "overachiever" right now, in honor of my overachiever underwear.

Anyway! Wrapped some presents today. Ate Fettuccine Alfredo. Went on a blanket hunt to find enough things to keep me warm on these cold winter nights (and I was very successful in my hunt).

Being home is going pretty well. Besides the sneezing (darn allergies). But Alex might have a good suggestion, something along the lines of blowing my nose on a cat. Well, only four to choose from!

Done deal.

Pumped for tomorrow: Costco, Bath & Body Works, Footprints.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nothing Else to Say

I've listened to this song about 17 times today.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blah Music Talk, Bands Blah

So, I went to my second musical performance since Friday last night. And it was amazing. Friday I went to see Fun. with Lisa and Elaine(!) and last night (Monday) I went to see Against Atlas open for Ben Levin Group. Along with them played Dublin Free Press, which was absolutely amazing! The show last night was probably one of the most fun and interesting I've been to in a long time. Not to mention that (Thom) Tom the guitarist for DFP looks like the guy from The Dear Hunter.
^Against Atlas ^ Photo credit to Josh Dunn.

Yes. Anyway, at both of these concerts, Shipping Up To Boston (Dropkick Murphys) was performed. All I have to say is that I think Dublin Free Press might have done a better performance than Fun. did. Opinion, yes, but I think my opinion is important.

And I've made a conscious decision to go to a lot more musical performances while in college. I am in an awesome city for music, after all.

The end.

Also. Is it acceptable to wear black pants with a brown shirt? Oh well, I'm going to.

P.S. Minus the Bear is playing an acoustic set at The Apple Store in Boston tonight at 5. I cannot go because I am on call. Lame, no?